Featured Big Hearted Gamer: Kyle “kylez0rz” Schmisek

We support the gamers who play games and volunteer for charity. BigHeartedGamers.com wants to recognize people who support their communities, locally or at large.

What was the game that turned you into a gamer?

Super Mario World. The SNES was my first console as a kid. I remember being so excited when my brother and I opened the box on Christmas morning. I was very confused when I opened the box and there was nothing inside. My trickster parents had taken the contents out to fool us! We eventually got everything hooked up, and we took turns playing Mario and Luigi for hours. (I was Mario, of course, since I’m older.)

What video game charities do you play or volunteer for?

I’m heavily involved with Extra Life here in Jacksonville. We raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, specifically Wolfson Children’s Hospital and UF Health Jacksonville.

Do you volunteer or support any non-gaming charities?

I have not had the opportunity to volunteer for other charities, and to be quite honest, I’m not sure if I would; I love working with Extra Life and gamers in general that I could not imagine doing work with anyone else.

What made you decide to play for charity?

Marcia Morgan told me to while I was drunk at a GAAM show. I promised her I would sign up. Months later after a frustrating match of League of Legends, I looked over at the flyer that had been sitting on my desk collecting dust. It wasn’t really a big “aha” moment or anything, but for whatever reason I decided to register for Extra Life in that moment. I emailed Marcia Morgan immediately after, and I haven’t looked back since.

How do you promote your campaigns?

Tying a sheet around my neck likes it’s a cape and trying to recruit people to join Extra Life! It’s really nerve-wracking at first, but once I get going I can’t stop running up to people to tell them about Extra Life and the work that we do for CMN.

What are some of your most rewarding experiences in gaming for charity?

Each milestone is really rewarding, whether it’s getting that new recruit, getting a $5 donation, or watching our team’s donation amount hit the next $100 mark. It all gives me the good feels!

What is your defining “Big Hearted Gaming” moment?

Actually…this moment right here. I almost never stop to think about why I do the things I do. Now I’m more resolved to game for the kids this year. #FTK

What are some of your prominent successes or memories?

Recruiting about 700 gamers for the Jacksonville guild last year was an amazing feeling. I had no idea so many local gamers would want to get involved with a charity.

Also, raising $33,000 with my team!

Thank you Kyle! You can support Kyle and his endeavors with gaming for charity on his Extra Life participant page.

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