How many BigHeartedGamers will we see at E3?

E3This week BigHeartedGamers we will be attending a couple of days worth of E3 in Los Angeles, California. We’ll start the week at the E3 Microsoft Press Event and make our way from there to various other press events and then to the show floor.  While there have been a few leaks of info about new or revised consoles, there doesn’t seem to have been anything earth shattering leaked so far.  Or maybe we haven’t been paying well enough attention?

The Mass Effect Andromeda info looks amazing and given how much fun I had with the prior mass effect games, I’m hoping this one will bring me back into an amazing world with amazing gameplay.   Titanfall 2 looks like it will bring us more multiplayer and fast paced action with more features adding on to the prior title.

I could go on and on about amazing games that we’ll see more of this week and over the coming months but I’m sure you’ve bookmarked your favorites already.  And while we’ll be attending various press events and learning loads about these amazing, new upcoming games and system refreshes, we’re most interested in seeing how many BigHeartedGamers we can meet!

Are you a BigHeartedGamer?  Do you know a BigHeartedGamer?  Do you know someone who is using gaming to do something charitable?  If so, we want to know!

If you are attending E3 this week, please let us know through Twitter, Facebook or by commenting here so we can meet you!

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