Marcia Morgan – Supporting Extra Life!

Marcia Morgan boothing it up for the kids!
Marcia Morgan boothing it up for the kids!

Check out Marcia Morgan raising awareness about Extra Life to supporting kids at a convention today!

Who wouldn’t take a minute to chat with Marcia and learn more about how to raise money for kids while playing games for 24 hours?  Shoot, most of us dream about having time to play games for 24 hours straight.  Well Marcia puts her fame to work by not only participating in Extra Life events and raising money directly, but by attending conventions and staffing an Extra Life booth!

With kids of her own, Marcia is one of the leads at The Mommy Gamers community where being a mom and gaming comes as naturally as walking and chewing gum.  Well, for most people.

I’ve known Marcia for quite a few years, having met her at an E3 or PAX years ago. She’s passionate about her family, her gaming and doing it all with a smile on her face. What better representative can Extra Life have to raise awareness of their Charity and increase the odds of gamers participating in events and raising funds for children!

Extra Life Booth
Extra Life Booth

If you see Marcia today or at any future events, give her a shout out and a high five for providing amazing support and being a BigHeartedGamer!

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  1. […] Marcia Morgan told me to while I was drunk at a GAAM show. I promised her I would sign up. Months later after a frustrating match of League of Legends, I looked over at the flyer that had been sitting on my desk collecting dust. It wasn’t really a big “aha” moment or anything, but for whatever reason I decided to register for Extra Life in that moment. I emailed Marcia Morgan immediately after, and I haven’t looked back since. […]

    February 18, 2016

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