Special Effect – Beating Physical Disabilities to Enjoy Video Games

There aren’t many things worse than not being able to do something you really want to do or feeling left out because you can’t do the things your friends are doing. People who are disabled often feel left out or left behind when their friends are all doing things that they cannot physically accomplish. For example, merely because someone is disabled doesn’t mean that they don’t want to play video games. Thankfully Special Effect is taking on exactly that challenge.

Special Effect describes itself as beating physical disabilities to enjoy video games and using technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. Their mission is to enable anyone, whatever their physical disability, to enjoy video games, leisure technology and communication. They state that they are not simply doing it for the sake of fun, but by giving people the means by which to participate, they’re kick-starting rehabilitation, inclusion and confidence!

Special Effect Therapy Team
Special Effect Therapy Team

Demonstrating that they are all about helping, Special Effect has a team of therapists and games technology specialists who travel all over the UK to visit people who can’t make the trip to their Accessible Games Center in Oxfordshire.

Special Effect also has an open door for technology companies looking for advice on how to make their products more inclusive to more users. Simply ring them up if you want to chat.

The Special Effect process includes visiting people to determine what they want to play and what they’ll need to play. From there Special Effect will match, modify or even create equipment and/or loan out the necessary equipment.

The Special Effect team also understand that needs change over time so they are absolutely willing to go back as many times as necessary to ensure that every gamer can play to the best of their abilities. Best of all, Special Effect doesn’t charge for anything and they don’t sell any equipment. They’re simply looking to raise the quality of life for everyone with whom they work.

The Special Effect team relies on donations to support the work they do. If you have some free time and some free change, head on over to the Special Effect Donation page and donate to a worthy cause!

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