Games Aid – Helping out the little ones

Games Aid!
Games Aid!

Games Aid is a UK Games Industry Charity designed to support smaller charities through a variety of efforts.  As an umbrella company, Games Aid supports a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people.

Funds are raised in a variety of manners, including:

  • Industry activities, such as social or sporting events
  • Individual and corporate donations and memberships
  • Game compilations sold at retail
  • Digital download bunldes
  • Sales of donated games memorabilia on eBay

These are but the tip of the iceberg as Games Aid is willing to raise funds in any way possible and are willing to accept any ideas presented to them.  Every year Games Aid publishes a report at the end of the year that details all of the funds raised and where they were donated.

If you would like to become a member of Games Aid, head over their Join Us page and fill out the information.  By registering you can become a member and start helping out in any way you see fit.  Host a bake sale, run around your block, or do whatever you can to raise funds and pass them on.

Games Aid currently partners with quite a few companies involved in gaming, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Xbox One, Playstation Official Magazine UK, Nintendo Feed, Sega, NCSoft and Konami.  If your company is interested in partnering with Games Aid get started now. Don’t wait!

The 17th Annual Charity Nominations open on the 17th of August. If you are a Games Aid member, you can participate by nominating a charity that supports kids and young people in the UK.  To be able to nominate, however, you have to be a member.  Do it!

Games Aid very ably demonstrates that every little bit helps.  When each of us contributes a tiny bit, the collective result is amazing.  Get on out there and get your BigHeartedness on!

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