Child’s Play – Supporting Children’s Hospitals Worldwide

While not every one of our posts will be about helping children who are spending time in hospitals, you have to admit, that’s a pretty cool thing to do, right? Enter Child’s Play.

Child’s Play was established in 2003 by the authors of Penny Arcade as a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide. Since their inception in 2003, as of today Child’s Play has raised over $34 million.  That is a boat load of cash going towards a great cause generated entirely within the gaming community!

Child’s play works in two ways:

  1. With the help of hospital staff, they set up gift wish lists of video games, toys, books and other fun stuff for kids. You can choose a hospital location on their map, look over that hospital’s wish list and send a gift.
  2. They also receive cash donations throughout the year that are used to purchase consoles, peripherals, games and other items for hospitals and therapy facilities.

If you are a hospital administrator you can apply to be included in the hospital network by visiting the Child’s Play About Us page.

If you are interested in donating items or cash to this worthy cause, head on over to Child’s Play, find a local hospital and get to it!

Willows Run Golf Course
Willows Run Golf Course

UPCOMING EVENT! In a couple of weeks, Child’s Play will be hosting their 5th annual Child’s Play Invitational on Friday, July 17, 2015, at Willows Run Golf Course in Redmond, Washington.  If you want to play some golf or mini-golf for a good cause, head over to the 2015 Child’s Play Invitational info page.

You can also learn more about Child’s Play on the Child’s Play Wiki Page.

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