Month: February 2017

The fourth annual gaming marathon event for Special Effect is  upon us! Gameblast is entering its fourth year in support of work done by the UK based charity. If you haven’t seen the amazing things Special Effect has done to make gaming accessible, then it’s time you give them a visit and consider joining them in raising £150,000 on February 24th-26th. Sign-up for and then check out how to get started streaming for Gameblast17.  


Supplying “Positive Impact” with OSD’s Sam Stephenson In this episode, “Small World Connections”, BigHeartedGamers visits with Operation Supply Drop’s Senior Producer, Sam Stephenson. We find out more about the organization’s gaming focused campaign, 8-Bit Salute and how the English born actor went from aspiring artist to Campaign Manager for the Austin, Texas based non-profit. Music for this episode is from Eric Skiff’s Resistor Anthems.  


This week Humble Bundle placed a bundle of 30+ games, books and media to directly support the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Rescue Committee. Initially the Humble Bundle team was looking to raise and match donations up to $300,000. However over 150,000 bundles have been sold as the total is steadily climbing towards $5 million dollars raised for these charities. The entirety of the amount raised will be distributed to the charities…


We’ve featured Operation Supply Drop here at BigHeartedGamers in the past for the some of the work they’ve done supporting our military.  Our military put their lives at risk for us.  The least we can do as BigHeartedGamers is give something back to them, right?  In conjunction with GovX, Operation Supply Drop’s relatively new program, Games to Grunts, allows us all to help our military enjoy themselves and take their minds off the rigors of…

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