Featured Big Hearted Gamer: Dylan Funk

We support the gamers who play games and volunteer for charity. BigHeartedGamers.com wants to recognize people who support their communities, locally or at large.


What was the game that turned you into a gamer?

“Honestly? The game that turned me into a gamer was Starcraft. That and Red Alert. People always say ‘video games breed violence!’ But I think games breed logic. I know I wouldn’t be getting a phd in physics if I never played games.”

What video game charities do you play or volunteer for?

“Children’s Miracle Network (Extra Life)”

 Do you volunteer or support any non-gaming charities?

“Yes, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Although in a much lesser capacity.”

What made you decide to play for charity?12507077_10153836721764670_106083249_n

“Fundraising is difficult. It’s hard work to do and many people are too busy or uninterested to help. Video games are something that people enjoy and I knew that recruiting would by far be the easiest part. I love doing charity work and now it’s the part of the year I look forward to more than anything.”

How do you promote your campaigns?

“We do challenges (cinnamon, hot sauce etc.) and group mustaches after we reach our goal.”


What are some of your most rewarding experiences in gaming for charity?

Extra Life United was the most rewarding. Seeing the kids there was one thing, but seeing so many other gamers just as dedicated to helping children was really inspiring to say the least.


What is your defining “Big Hearted Gaming” moment?

“A few years back the children’s hospital I was raising for posted a list of what they could do with certain amounts of money. I looked over the list thinking “”this will be a great way to raise money”” when I noticed that there were a lot of things on the list that really make a difference in people’s lives (MRI machines and other medical equipment) and on top of that, my teams fundraising goals met some of those values. I thought to myself ‘wow, maybe we really can make a difference to someone’. Even this past year I got an email from my children’s hospital (Children’s Hospital of Alabama) with the total fundraising amount. I was taken back by the fact that my fundraising was a less that insubstantial amount and that without my focus it would be noticeably smaller.

It’s the little moments like that where you realize that something you loved to do 15 years ago sitting in your parents basement has the capacity to reach out and help those in need. “

What are some of your prominent successes or memories?

“Honestly every year is a success and every year is a memory. I vividly remember every single extra life event and fundraising goal and amount raised. Every year we are stronger and more organized than the last and that’s something to remember.”

Thank you Dylan! You can support Dylan and his endeavors with Extra Life on his participant page.

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