Spartans for Troops Community Livestream!

Spartans for Troops

Charity and games people, that’s what we’re talking here. Anyone here of the game Halo? Anyone hear of the United States Military?  Well put those two together with a live stream and you have a match made for raising awareness and funds!  Check out this info:

In conjunction with Operation Supply Drop, Podtacular is pleased to announce the inaugural Spartans For Troops Halo Community Livestream event!  Partnering with over twenty groups and personalities, this event involves some of the most well known YouTubers, content creators, and players of the game all coming together to stream Halo for thirty-six hours starting on March 4th at 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST on Twitch.TV over at Operation Supply Drop.  This stream will feature game lobbies, tournaments, giveaways, machinima, podcasts, and special appearances by some of the biggest names of the Halo community.

The event features many opportunities to participate in the festivities during the livestream consisting of Warzone matchmaking with community groups, live recorded podcasts, custom game lobbies including remakes of classic Halo maps, and a HCS-style Arena tournament.  In addition, viewers of the stream can also catch debut machinima from your favorite Halo YouTubers and a Grifball tournament featuring teams from the Good Games League and the American Grifball League of America.  Among the communities represented during the event are GrifballHub, Ready Up Live, Ultimate Halo, ForgeHub, ProAceJOKER, Halo Canon, Thomas Productions and more.  More info about the Arena tournament including rules and sign ups will be available this weekend.  Once the schedule has been finalized, a complete list of community groups and personalities will be revealed.

Spartans For Troops aims to bring awareness to all kinds of Halo communities and raise awareness and support for Operation Supply Drop and their mission.  Throughout the event, viewers will learn about this charity organization and their impact on active-duty military and veterans through the power of video games including Halo.  We are excited to have this opportunity to showcase the best of the Halo community and bring awareness to a charity that has proven to make a positive impact to our brothers and sisters in arms as our fellow Spartans.

We are excited to bring an incredible amount of Halo talent together and embrace the many different aspects of the Halo community.  Through the livestream we hope to bring awareness to other Halo groups and personalities and support Operation Supply Drop.  The event is also supported by 343 Industries, Mega Bloks and Simon and Schuster who have graciously given us Halo merchandise, prizes and giveaway items for viewers and participants.  Please join us March 4th for an incredible weekend of Halo content and community involvement.

What: Inaugural “Spartans For Troops” Halo Community Livestream with Operation Supply Drop
When: March 4th, 2016 at 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST thru March 6th, 2016 at 7:00AM EST, 4:00AM PST
Where: Operation Supply Drop Twitch Channel (
Who: Halo community groups and personalities including: 405th Infantry Division, DefendTheHouse, Drunken Halo, Forge Channel, ForgeHub, GrifballHub, Halo Canon, Halo Wheelmen,, iSpiteful, KnightmareFilmz, ProAceJOKER, Ready Up Live, ThaGreatIsaiah, Thomas Productions, Ultimate Halo

About Podtacular: Podtacular is a community-based podcast covering the Halo franchise and community featuring news coverage, franchise discussions, notable Halo group and personality appearances, and community interaction.

About Operation Supply Drop: Operation Supply Drop is a military charity organization supporting US, NATO and ANZAC active-duty military and veterans through video games and digital entertainment across their three global outreach programs.

About 343 Industries: 343 Industries is the developer of the Halo video game series oversees the Halo franchise, including games, original programming, novels, comics, and licensed products.

About Mega Bloks: Mega Bloks is a division of MEGA Brands, member of the Mattel family of companies and is home to the Mega Bloks Collectors licensed Halo construction line of products.

About Simon and Schuster: Simon & Schuster, Inc., a division of CBS Corporation, is the the parent publishing company of  six Halo novels including the upcoming paperback edition of Halo: New Blood.


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