Vetober – Because One Day is Not Enough!


Because “One Day is Not Enough,” join the VETOBER® campaign to raise funds and awareness for the veteran support programs of Operation Supply Drop.  We’ve talked about Operation Supply Drop before here when they were involved with the Spartans for Troops Livestream charitable program.  They’re back at it and setting some lofty Goals for October and our United States Veterans:

  • Supply Drops for over 30,000 service members will be assembled, packaged and shipped in November/December
  • Operation Supply Drop will host over 90 community outreach and support events including Homeless Veteran Initiatives, On Post Thanksgiving & Christmas Parties as well as community development projects through end-of-year.
  • Operation Supply Drop will lead multiple professional development seminars, benefitting 100s of veterans in their communities, in partnership companies including Google and Microsoft

With over 100,000 Served, Operation Supply Drop works to build lasting networks with the larger community to drive mutual support for today’s active duty military, their families and the veteran population. Learn more about their Deployment, Integration and Community Programs and how you can get involved or benefit from their services.

Your involvement is critical to the success of Operation Supply Drop and supporting those who’ve given so much.  Get out there and show the world what Big Hearted Gamers you are!

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